TELZAM’s production range also includes the production of various types of coils. Like most of our production in this and coil we make according to individual orders and according to customer requirements. On our side we provide advice and professional technical support.

» Coils for induction sensors

Coils on cup cores are mainly used for induction sensors. They are characterized by very good magnetic shielding and the ability to achieve high inductances with small core dimensions. The above coils are mainly wound up, which results in better performance.

» Air coils

Air coils without cores are made as “self sintering” in any size and shape. They are used inter alia. As inductive proximity sensors and are widely used in radio and television input systems. Air coils are made for individual orders with specifications and sizes. Therefore, we encourage you to submit a query with the above parameters. We will provide professional help and technical advice.

» Air coils

They are widely used in radio and television input systems.

» Inductors with tuned inductance

are manufactured on P and RM cores. In the center of the coil is the tuning core, which is used to precisely adjust the inductance to the circuit conditions (selective circuits).


» U-type chokes

are rewound on cages with separated sections. They are used primarily to suppress interference in electronic devices.

» Chokes on ring cores

are used in electronic devices for attenuation of interference interference, in electrical circuits on inputs of impulse power supplies and in electrical control systems for electric motors.

» Chokes on two-hole cores

for surface and chained mounting are used as filters or resonant circuits.

» Chokes on cylindrical cores

serve as interference suppressors in filter components.

» Chokes on core EE, ETD, EFD, EP, P, PM

according to individual customer requirements.